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Doll House DesjHello, I am Katy Ludlow and I would like to welcome you to Mini McGregor Dolls House Miniatures.

Are you looking for ways to breathe life into your Miniature setting and turn it from a Show House into a “real” lived in home?

Trying to find just the right items to fill up a rather bare bureau?

Wanting to make your pub a little bit grubbier, your shop a bit more personal?

You may be in the right place!

Doll House ShedImagine a traditional gentleman’s desk with the day’s post, the envelopes realistically torn open, a half finished crossword, some tiny paperclips and a chequebook ready to pay the bills….. a housemaid cleaning shoes with a couple of brushes and tin of black polish on a crumpled newspaper….. or a modern teenager who can’t imagine WHY they have been told to tidy their room after a lazy weekend.

Here at Mini McGregor, I specialise in designing and making detailed 12th scale accessories as well as treating and dressing furniture to achieve a gentle lived in look. See my blog post on ageing school desks to follow the steps of turning a piece of commercial furniture into a wonderfully authentic item which brings back many memories and a smile to most faces.

You will also find a few pieces of plain furniture if you have been inspired to put together your own detailed scenes and a number of commercial accessories which are picked to complement my range. Some have added “lived in” details like the mugs with coffee stains or letter in the typewriter while others will come as they are such as the hot water bottle or laptop computer. All accessories are clearly described so you will always know what you are getting.

Visit the Mini McGregor shop to purchase any of my existing accessories and furniture pieces.

Personalising Orders and Other Commissions

If you would like something slightly different contact me and we can work together to achieve your goals from changing the colour of a miniature tissue box or printing a readable personal address on 12th scale envelopes to putting together a set of accessories for your existing furniture or simply providing a few suggestions on achieving a more “lived in” look.

Customer Comments

Everything you do is wonderful
Chris & Elaine from Beverley

Mini McGregor has to be at the top end of my top ten vendors.  I love seeing her work at shows and every project I’ve done had something of hers in it.  You can buy each little item separately and create your own scene or buy one of her completed vignettes and just drop it in place or even work with Katy on a bespoke piece.  If you haven’t seen her opening matchbox (in perfect scale) you really must.  It is all the small things in a house that brings it to life.”
Marilyn O

Many thanks, I was delighted with the deeds and other items you did for my solicitor’s office and the register for my hotel foyer, they just added that finishing touch!
I’m also delighted with many other miniatures I’ve bought, they have added character to many of my miniature scenes.
Cilla from Newcastle upon Tyne

“If I had the money, I would buy so much more from Mini McGregor – I love the style and variety. Also have requested a special order which was dealt with quickly and very efficiently”
Fuzz from North Yorkshire

Where can I see your products before buying

The website and online shop is run from home in Lincoln but I also sell my handmade miniatures at a number of Dolls House Fairs across the UK where you can see them close up and maybe catch a few things that do not make it onto the website. Check the Fairs page for details of where I will be and please say hello if you come across me at a fair. I always try to greet everyone who stops at my stall but often customers are so amazed by what they see at Miniature Fairs that they don’t notice the stallholders!

I want you to be very happy with anything you buy from Mini McGregor and if you are not I will always try to put it right. This is in addition to your statutory rights which you can find in terms and conditions.

Keep in touch with Mini McGregor

You can sign up here for my newsletter which will remind you of fairs, point you to new products and special offers including seasonal codes for free postage.

How did you come to start making Dolls House Miniatures?

IMG_3535From childhood I was a great fan of “making and doing” and often engaged in constructing little gardens in old pie dishes and rooms for Sindy dolls with matchbox furniture. I dabbled in all sorts of crafts and collections, although, my dolls clothes were more likely to be constructed with strategic string and glue than knitting. In fact, I can distinctly remember stapling up the hems of my cords when I was at college. However, I also spent quite a lot of time there peering through microscopes and cutting up tiny bits of plants using scalpels and fine forceps which has proved to amazingly useful in quite a different setting.

Once I grew up, I found myself gardening and decorating instead but we also became very attached to a shiny new Amstrad PCW. Then when children came along we played at shops and built Lego models and I made themed birthday cakes and enjoyed the challenge of fancy dress outfits or props for plays and projects that had to be produced out of whatever we could find in the house.

Meanwhile, my daughter was given a dolls house and we started making our own contents for that; slowly discovering more about Miniatures and just how detailed you could get. We experimented with making food, inspired as so many others have been by Angie Scarr’s wonderful examples, and became fascinated with other tiny things.

IMG_3260As time passed and I realised that I hadn’t made any cakes, costumes or model volcanoes for while, I began looking for a more personal creative outlet. Somehow all these things seemed to gel to create a few paper miniatures that I could design on the computer and assemble in fine detail; and so Mini McGregor was born.

I started selling at local fairs in 2008 with just a few items including tissue boxes and readable envelopes and I have had a lot of fun and learned a huge amount from other Miniaturists I have met along the way.

Over time I have added to my range from a sheet of Victorian Penny Black stamps to mouse mats as well as more general household miniatures and dressed furniture.

I have developed my own vision of what I love in the Miniature world and believe that these small details bring a setting alive and help to achieve a realistic lived in, human look.