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Really detailed 24th scale accessories and dressed furniture. Mainly tinier versions of my 12th scale items but I am always happy to have a go at something else if you ask me!

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24th Scale Playing Cards , Complete Set Of Loose Cards

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Full set of 52, tiny 24th scale playing cards for Dolls Houses. You could also use these cards as small “Patience Cards” in a 12th scale Dolls House. The cards are packaged on  “post it” notes. This lets you check that you have the full set of 52 cards and makes them much easier to […]

24th Scale Post

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This is a set of five assorted envelopes in 24th scale. Check out image with ruler to get a sense of how small these are. They will sit happily on any 24th hall stand or a variety of desks and tables. The envelopes are folded and glued just like the real thing and if you […]

24th Scale Postage Stamps

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Sheet of 24th scale postage stamps. Choose from red or blue  

24th Scale Quill

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These tiny Quills are hand cut from real feathers, carefully selected to give the correct proportions for 24th scale. They are then glued into double beads to look as if they are in an inkpot. They really complement any older office or study scene. Bead colours may vary from photos.