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If your miniature setting has an artist’s studio, sewing or hobby room or just a crafty corner there is sure to be something here to add an extra sparkle. Perhaps a tiny pot of cocktail sticks to help with gluing, a dish of sequins, a messy artist’s palette. Go on – add a bit of clutter; you know most of us have it in real life!

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Artist’s Paint Brushes

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12th Scale Artist’s Paint Brushes These delicate brushes come in three colours, all with soft moveable “bristles”. Red – with black bristles Green – with pale bristles Blue – with golden bristles

Artist’s Palette

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12th Scale Artist’s Palette Made from layered card this palette is strong yet thin enough to be in proportion for your miniature artist to hold. The textured and blended paint gives an authentic used effect. As the paint on these palettes is applied and mixed individually by hand they will all be slightly different. You […]

Black Handled Scissors

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12th Scale Black Handled Scissors Fine black handled scissors, ideal for any sewing or craft room

Box Of Ten Individual Colouring Pencils

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Ten individual pencil crayons in an opening box with partitions. Featuring the seven colours of the rainbow plus pink, brown and black, these colouring pencils will be at home in the schoolroom, nursery or studio. You could also give them a truly modern twist by teaming them with our Zen Adult Colouring Book for a […]

Cutting Mat In Use

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12th Scale Cutting Mat in Use Perfect for the miniature hobby room, this cutting mat shows gridlines and comes with a metal ruler, craft knife and piece of patterned paper already trimmed. All fixed to mat. Patterns may vary from photo.

Metal Ruler

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12th Scale Metal Ruler Metal effect  “12 inch ruler” exactly 1 inch long marked in apparent inches and centimeters

Sewing Needle Packet

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12th Scale Sewing Needle Packet Small needle packet showing dark window with faux needles. Excellent for work table or sewing box

Small Scissors

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12th Scale Small Metal Scissors These small metal scissors are ideal to complete a variety of settings.

Snap Fasteners

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12th Scale Snap Fasteners Small card of metal effect “poppers” or snap fasteners. Excellent for work table or sewing box. Would also be ideal for haberdashery counter or corner of a general store.