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What’s your bedroom style? Tracy Emin or National Trust? I’m aiming for somewhere in between but you can use any of these pieces to create your very own detailed look. A few cotton puffs for an Edwardian Boudoir; a hot water bottle peeking out the blankets in a country cottage or a paperback book left open on your teenagers bed. Just a few small details can make all the difference. Try looking in Office – Study too for teenagers.

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Blue Sneakers

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12th Scale Blue Sneakers These Sneakers are a brilliant addition to a modern bedroom for a child or teenager. They are commercial items which I have chosen to complement my handmade range.

Cotton Wool in Filigree Pot

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12th Scale Cotton Wool Filigree Pot. Pastel coloured cotton wool balls in gold coloured filigree pot. Ideal for dressing tables.

Make-up Tray – Medium

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12th Scale Make-up Tray – medium round Set of modern make-up includes lipstick, open mascara, 1 small bottle (nail varnish/perfume) 1 medium bottle and 1 large bottle (foundation/ moisturiser) fixed to metal tray

Organiser Diary

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12th Scale Girl’s Organiser Diary This Diary would look great on a desk, bedside cabinet or perhaps tucked under a pillow. It shows recessed pages and a wrap over fastening but does not open.