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How may ways can you use a newspaper? Neatly rolled in the letterbox, folded on the hallstand, spread on a table for gluing or scrunched into a pair of wet shoes, perhaps in the attic packing old boxes or stuffed into a wastepaper bin. With a few of these simple items and a bit of imagination you can breathe life into even the lowliest corner of your dolls house.

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Bungee Cord

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12th Scale Bungee Cord. Hand wired to give a genuine appearance, these cords are suitable for any workshop, garage or utility room. They can be used on most transports from motorbikes to shopping trolleys. Currently unique to Mini McGregor they are a big hit at fairs. Choose from Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.  

Newspaper with Crossword

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12th Scale Newspaper with Crossword Newspaper folded casually to show crossword from the back page. A pen rests on the paper and some of the clues have been filled in.

Wastepaper Basket

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12th Scale Wastepaper Basket. This hand-crocheted wastepaper basket contains genuine 12th scale rubbish! A selection from: newspaper, envelopes, letters, greetings cards, cigarette packet, sweet papers, pencil shavings and general. Individual baskets may vary from photo.