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48th Scale Bills set of 5

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Set of five 48th scale bills. These printed bills are ideal to bring a bit of life to any desk or office setting. Please Note: additional image shows these bills and other printed pages used to give an authentic look to a filled bureau- none of these other items are included in this sale.

Pack of Swabs new and used

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Set of swabs, includes fixed pile of three wrapped, one in the process of unwrapping and one used with bloodstains.

Pill Blister Pack

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Open box of modern pills with a blister pack of coloured “pills” which will fit inside

Syringe Tray – injection

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12th scale Syringe Tray This tray is set out for an injection with small silver coloured oval tray, pearl syringe, clean swab and tiny vial. Suitable for any Doctor, Dentist or Vet.