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Box Of Ten Individual Colouring Pencils

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Ten individual pencil crayons in an opening box with partitions. Featuring the seven colours of the rainbow plus pink, brown and black, these colouring pencils will be at home in the schoolroom, nursery or studio. You could also give them a truly modern twist by teaming them with our Zen Adult Colouring Book for a […]

Bungee Cord

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12th Scale Bungee Cord. Hand wired to give a genuine appearance, these cords are suitable for any workshop, garage or utility room. They can be used on most transports from motorbikes to shopping trolleys. Currently unique to Mini McGregor they are a big hit at fairs. Choose from Black, Blue, Red, Green, Yellow.  


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12th Scale Bunting 12 pennants on a 23cm thread with approximately  10 cm each end for fixing. This bunting will add colour to any pub, beach hut, fair, street party or other celebration. Choose from Union Jack, St George’s Cross(England), St Andrews’s Cross (Scotland). Stars & Stripes ( USA) or Skull & Crossbones (Pirate) Contact […]


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12th Scale Catapult Hand cut from real twigs, these catapult will all vary slightly from photo. They are an amazing detail to put in a schoolboys hand; stick in a likely lad’s back pocket, hide in a desk or have lying around in a playroom, garden or country setting.

Cigarette Packet with Lighter

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12th Scale Cigarette Packet with Lighter Choose for Red or Blue packet; lighter colours vary. Suitable for Pubs, Cafés, Tearooms, Hotels and a variety of domestic situations.  

Cotton Wool in Filigree Pot

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12th Scale Cotton Wool Filigree Pot. Pastel coloured cotton wool balls in gold coloured filigree pot. Ideal for dressing tables.

Cutting Mat In Use

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12th Scale Cutting Mat in Use Perfect for the miniature hobby room, this cutting mat shows gridlines and comes with a metal ruler, craft knife and piece of patterned paper already trimmed. All fixed to mat. Patterns may vary from photo.

Doctor’s Appointment Card

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12th scale Dolls House Miniature medical appointment card. Printed front and back and filled in with ‘handwritten’ details.