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Stamp Sheet – George VI

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A sheet of Postage stamps featuring King George VI, with perforation detail. Suitable for pre to post / World War II

Stamp Sheet – Penny Black

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A sheet of Penny Black Postage stamps featuring Queen Victoria with perforation detail. Suitable for a short period between 1841 and 1842.

Stamp Sheet – Penny Red

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A sheet of Penny Red Postage stamps featuring Queen Victoria with perforation detail. (NOT suitable for the early part of Victoria’s reign before 1841 as this is before stamps were invented)

Syringe Tray – Blood Sample

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Small silver coloured oval tray with red syringe and bloodstained swab

Syringe Tray – injection

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12th scale Syringe Tray This tray is set out for an injection with small silver coloured oval tray, pearl syringe, clean swab and tiny vial. Suitable for any Doctor, Dentist or Vet.

Tape Measure Rolled

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12th Scale Rolled Tape Measure Detailed white tape measure, rolled and glued. Ideal for a sewing box or on a work table. Each tape is slightly different, you will receive one from a selection

Wastepaper Basket

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12th Scale Wastepaper Basket. This hand-crocheted wastepaper basket contains genuine 12th scale rubbish! A selection from: newspaper, envelopes, letters, greetings cards, cigarette packet, sweet papers, pencil shavings and general. Individual baskets may vary from photo.

Wooden Toy Sword

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12th Scale Wooden Toy Sword Just the thing to team up with our paper hats for a good old fashioned game. These wooden swords are individually cut and tied to give an authentic “hand-made” look and may vary slightly from photo.

Yellow Pages

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Yellow Trade Directory “Phone Book”. Opening blank pages.