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24th Scale Outhouse Privy with faded and decayed planking, rusty hinges and corrugated roof. Inside shows bundle of newspaper on a string and polished seat with hole.


This little outbuilding looks as if it has been standing out in the elements for many years. The faux wooden side planking has weathered to mottled grey  with some traces of rot on the edges and damage round the bottom. The once shiny black hinges are now pitted and rusty and the corrugated iron roof is in a sorry state with visible rust round the rows of nails and crumbling edges.


The door opens and closes gently and the roof lifts off to disclose a polished privy seat and small bundle of torn newspaper on a string hanging within easy reach.

These outhouses are made almost entirely of card and treated to resemble wood or metal.  They are individually handmade and while every one of them will be created to the same level of detail, there may be some slight variations between each one. 


It would bring some fabulous detail to an old back yard, garden scene or rustic vignette.

Please Note: However realistic this looks it is a very small 48th scale Dolls House Miniature, It is a detailed collector's item and is not suitable for children under 14.

24th Scale Privy, Outhouse