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These bookcases are designed with 3 shelves allowing for slightly larger and more detailed books. The wrappings for many of the individual blocks are printed to give a realistically lettered spine while others are carefully chosen for their appropriate patterns. This results in an incredibly realistic appearance.


As individual bookcases of each type are put together seperately there will be slight variation between them but they will all have the same overall effect.


Please choose from individual option photos as cover photos may show a slightly different model.

A Brown  - Traditional Bookcase with an assortment of book styles. Some new, some passed down in the family, perhaps a few (or more) the result of a rummage in second hand book stores. This classic little bookcase should fit in just about anywhere.


B White -  Modern Painted Bookcase with some colour styling to give a contemporary feel to a setting.


C Grey - Office or Business Bookcase. This durable looking bookcase with added plinth contains a series of reference manuals  and a few older text books. Ideal for any business situation.



Please Note: these are detailed collector's items and are not suitable for children under the age of 14

48th Scale Low Bookcase 3 Shelves



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